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About the Forum

Brief Overview

Metalworking Innovation Forum (MIF) is an international specialized forum, in which renowned international manufacturers of metalworking equipment take part and which is organized by DEG-RUS LLC.

International Metalworking Innovation Forum is a place in which representatives of enterprises of machine building, atomic energy, rocket and space, petroleum, transport and many other branches of the Russian industry gather.

The objective of the Forum is to give the opportunity to the representatives of the Russian companies to learn everything about recent developments in the field of metalworking directly from the worlds’ leading manufacturers of metalworking equipment and to exchange unique experience.

How did it all begin?

DEG-RUS LLC, the organizer of the Forum, regularly takes part in the largest international exhibitions such as: “Metalloobrabotka”, Mashex, Forum “Russian Industrialist” (Saint-Petersburg) as well as many other specialized exhibitions held in the territory of Russia. The objective of these exhibitions, as we all understand perfectly well, is first of all to present the most advanced equipment in order to attract as many visitors from across Russia as possible; and the objective of the supplying companies is to sell this equipment. Questions connected with introduction of some or other equipment into the production process are most often answered by managers or technical specialists of supplying companies and rarely by the manufacturers who are directly engaged in the development of metalworking machines. Besides, it is difficult to get an adequate dialog up and running or to organize a thematic and detailed discussion of the questions of each customer within the framework of an exhibition.

In this connection, we have got an idea to create a special format of an event that would allow organization of a dialog immediately between the manufacturers of metalworking equipment and representatives of Russian enterprises. The advantage of such a format is that after short presentations of the manufacturers, in which they describe competitive advantages of their equipment and the latest achievements in the field of innovative technologies, special groups of professionals who want to discuss the same aspects of operation of some or other equipment gather around the round tables. The visitors of the Forum can ask the questions that bother them and can listen to the answers of the manufacturers to the questions of their colleagues and can exchange experience. This allows the visitors of the Forum to get the fullest possible picture of the peculiarities of the brands, their competitive advantages and introduction into the production process.

Another item of interest is that the Forum visitors get the chance to become familiar with the world’s experience since like-minded persons with similar objectives and questions gather around round tables. This, first of all, gives every person present at the Forum – organizers, manufacturers, participants – the opportunity to understand the situation in the industry and thus to get an insight into the positive and negative factors of the further development of the industry and therefore to improve the production process.

We hope that MiF-Forum will become a traditional event in the programs of metalworking exhibitions.

We are looking forward to seeing you among the participants!

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